We specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Google Ads and Bing Ads.

We have over 18 years’ experience managing pay-per-click ads and have worked with 500 clients. 

Search Engine Advertising is the combination of creative and technical skills. Finding someone that has both creative and technical aptitude can be very challenging.

What Do We Do and How We Do It:

    • We research your competitive landscape, so we know how to differentiate your business.
    • We dig deep into keyword research to come up with a proper set of keywords and phrases best aligned with your business.
    • We are experts at writing ad copy. This is a special skill that takes years of experience to develop.  In Google Ads you do not necessarily want to write an ad that’s so appealing that almost anyone would click on it.  The ads must catch someone’s eye, but they should also filter out people that are not directly looking for what you offer.  Don’t forget you’re paying by the click.  You only want to spend money on the right people.  This is a classic mistake many businesses and agencies alike make day after day.
    • We enable tracking of phone calls, emails, and contact forms. This helps us to better optimize your campaign by learning which keywords and ads convert to leads and to bid higher for those and less or not at all for keywords and ads that do not convert.
    • We constantly add negative keywords and refine the keyword list(s).
    • We pick the right geographic area that is most likely to convert. Often businesses to choose to wide an area and spend money on clicks that rarely if ever convert to leads.
    • We constantly work on ways of driving down the cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion with bidding strategies, landing page changes, ad copy, mobile vs. desktop, time of day and much much more.
    • There’s even more to it but that gives you an idea of how much is involved in creating and maintaining a cost-effective Google Ads and Bing Ads campaign. We have been doing this since 2006 and have gained a lot of industry knowledge along the way.
    • We are creative, technical, and experienced.

Our Experience Includes


Dentists, Physical Therapy, Chiproractors, Plastic Surgery, Acupuncture, Psychology and more…


Furniture,  Excerise Equipment, Boutiques, Window Tinting, Hot Tubs, Carpet & Rugs, and more…


Glass Repair, Medical Billing,  Spas, Applicance Repair, BBQ Repair, Swim Schools and more…


Lawyers and Legal Services, Painters, Dog and K9 Training, Engineering and more…


Warehousing, Fire Suppresion and Sprinklers, Manufacturers, Business Loans, and more…


Churches, Tax Relief, Autism Support, Airport Shuttles, Insurance, Realtors, and more…